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Community Planning Group



Vision for the future:

" To secure the future of the community through the development of a resilient  local economy and quality of life that supports the wellbeing of all its residents"


The Community Planning Group is part of the Nangiloc, Colignan and District Community Association Inc. The group coordinates the implementation of the Nangiloc, Colignan and District Community Plan (see full description below for a summary of the plan).

This community website is part of the activities to "build partnerships between local groups and residents that increase community participation and continuously improve community opportunity and services"

We have also been very active in promoting community wellbeing:

Community Wellbeing 

Drought Relief Workshops extended to June 2010

These workshops are all free and take place in our own community.  Most people who have attended the workshops to date have learnt something of real value in understanding human behaviour. If you are hesitant in attending a workshop please talk to someone about them, chances are they've been to one and can tell you how good it was.  If you missed out, workshops can be repeated with a minimum of 10 participants.


‘SQUARE' Launch - Huge!

Thank you to all those people who were able to attend this very significant workshop.  We had 30 people attend from our community which was fantastic! These people have walked away Braver, Stronger, and Wiser. This ‘SQUARE' program is an initiative of the Nangiloc/Colignan & District Community Plan and will contribute to the community's goal of instigating a "Look out for Your Neighbours" program. This ‘SQUARE' launch will be followed up with the development of a "Pathway to Care" plan for our community.  Attendees - stay tuned.


All Community Wellbeing queries -call Marion 50291546

The Nangiloc/Colignan and District Community Planning Group members are:

Marion, Janette, Kirston, Jill, Megan and Robert (with Jarrod Delahunty as MRCC member).


'Many hands make light work' If you are interested in getting involved or have suggestions please contact:

We meet once a quarter.

You can also contact: Jarrod Delahunty
Community Development Officer
Mildura Rural City Council
p: 50188296
m: 0448 388689


Key actions from the Community Plan include:

Events and activities:

  1. Community BBQs / functions
  2. Family fun nights at hall
  3. Promote events such as Anzac Day or Australia Day Breakfast

Recreation, sport and leisure

  1. Support the Nangiloc Public Hall Committee to achieve the next stage of the hall redevelopment.
  2. Maintain existing bike/walking tracks and develop additional bike/walking tracks adjacent to the river.
  3. Provide access to gymnasium.

Community wellbeing

  1. Support the kindergarten (especially through funding assistance)
  2. Increase access to public transport
  3. Increase community health services such as the Maternal and Child Health nurse.
  4. Instigate a "look out for your neighbours" program.


  1. Address the issue of providing facilities for campers to dispose of rubbish at peak times
  2. Develop recreation and leisure use of the river by adding more picnic facilities (such as tables and chairs) at the sandbars.
  3. Support and assist the local Land Care group.

Community infrastructure:

  1. Improve mobile coverage
  2. Provide rubbish/recycling collection for district
  3. Improve Castle Crossing road to tip


  1. Consider the strategic opportunities and land use planning that will contribute to future farming and community viability or restructure
  2. Identify projects that can assist farmers during the period of drought
  3. Provide information or education on other business options other than farming


  1. Identify and develop an activities program for young people