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Mental Health Resources Mallee DGP - Drought Initiatives


Support for Drought-affected communities

Building a happy and resilient community starts with taking care of our personal wellbeing.  


A Word from Marita Sleep

The Drought Relief project has been extended another 12 months. I will continue doing the work I have been with a slight change. I will be working from my home office beginning 7th July and will also start counseling work as well for which,  I have received funding for 100 hours so I can continue seeing old clients and see new ones too.  This is a free service to you and referrals are not needed.  This arrangement gives me more flexibility and will be a more focused use of my time.  I can now be contacted on my new mobile number 0488 676 490 for crisis counselling, drought information and assistance.


Please have a look at the following documents (current July 2009):

  • R U OK? is an organisation committed to the prevention of suicide. We want to inspire all Australians to recognise they can make an immediate impact on our country's shockingly high suicide rate by simply connecting with their friends, colleagues and loved ones. A lack of connection is a major contributing cause of many social issues, particularly suicide.
  • Counselling Services - a list of contacts (psychological, financial, legal, information)
  • Education and re-training  - a list of contacts for eduction and training
  • Other directories - including Health and Community Services and Grants Finders
  • Living with changing times brochure is a guide to services in the community. Tips, links and contacts for advice and support to help through these changing times.
For a large version of the emergency contacts map, click here

The Mental Health Support for Drought Affected Communities initiative  enabled the employment of  community support workers (CSW)  to provide community outreach and crisis counselling services for distressed individuals, families and communities in drought affected rural and remote areas. This service is locally based and meets local needs.  The Mental Health Support for Drought Affected Communities Initiative provides funding for three key activities, these being

  • Provision of community outreach and crisis counselling
  • Raising community awareness, and
  • Education and training for health workers