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Using Your UHF Radio





Bet you don't really know how your UHF works ...


UHF CB Australia have provided the following information

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What Is UHF CB ?

UHF CB is an abbreviation for Ultra High Frequency Citizen Band Radio, UHF CB Radio is freely available to all Australians. UHF CB does not require a license or registration to use.  UHF CB Radio operators are limited to a maximum of 5 watts of power. There are 40 channels available to operators of UHF CB Radio.

UHF Channel Information

Channels 1 to 8 are Repeater Channels. Press the DUPLEX button on your radio to use any available repeaters. You need to check first that there are repeaters in your area (here)

Repeater Channel 5 is Emergency Use Only. Monitored by CREST Volunteers, No general conversations are to take place on this channel

Channels 9 to 40 are Simplex channels with the following channels for specific use:

  • Channel 10 - 4WD Drivers - Convoy, Clubs & National Parks
  • Channel 11 -  Call Channel
  • Channel 18 - Caravan & Campers Convoy Channel
  • Channel 22 and 23 - Data transmissions only (Excluding Packet)
  • Channel 29 - Pacific Hwy (NSW) & Bruce Hwy (Qld) Road Channel
  • Channel 30 - UHF CB broadcasts
  • Channels 31 to 38 - Repeater inputs - Do not use these channels for simplex transmissions as you will interfere with conversations on channels 1 to 8
  • Channel 35 - Repeater input Emergency use only

Emergency Channels

The Australian Government has legislated that channels 5 & 35 on the UHF CB Band are reserved for emergency use only 


Emergency channels are monitored by volunteers and volunteer groups. Although these volunteers work extremely hard to provide the best service possible, it is not possible for these groups to provide guaranteed 24/7 monitoring

To access emergency repeaters on Channel 5:

  1. Ensure the Duplex (DUP) button is depressed (On)
  2. Hold the Push To Talk button (PTT) before beginning transmission
  3. Begin transmission with "This is (Name/Callsign) Calling for any Emergency Monitors"
  4. Release PTT and wait 30 seconds 
  5. If no reply after 30 seconds try again

If still no reply try and make contact with other UHF CB operators on other repeaters


As at January 2007 the maximum penalties for the misuse of the legally allocated CB emergency channels are:

  • For general misuse - if an individual 2 years imprisonment, otherwise $165,000 (a $220 on-the-spot fine can be issued in minor cases); or
  • For interference to an actual call - if an individual 5 years imprisonment, otherwise $550,000 (no on-the-spot fine can be issued, must go to court)


What is a Repeater ?

A repeater is a tool used by UHF CB Radio operators to communicate over larger distances. Repeaters are often placed in high locations like tall buildings, hills or mountains. They receive a transmission on one channel (Repeater Input) and then simultaneously rebroadcast it over a wider area via the repeater output frequency. With the use of a repeater an operator can extend there range from 3 - 7 Km to over 100 K.